Hi. It's my first post here
I have applied to 6 Phd programs in business administration/Management in Canada, as follows:

1- Rotman - University of Toronto (Organization behaviour)
2- Sauder - University of British Columbia (Organization behaviour)
3- Schulich - York University (Organisational studies)
4- Ivey - University of Western Ontario (Entrepreneurship)
5- Haskayne - University of Calgary (Entrepreneurship)
6- Beedie - Simon Fraser University (Entrepreneurship/Organisational studies)

I'v had an interview with POI in both Calgary & Simon Fraser, but that was it. Never heard back from these 2, neither was I shortlisted to interviews by the first 4

I'm wondering if anyone applied to these and heard back, I'm new to this website and I've used the search function, but searching for 'Beedie', for example, resulted in posts that goes back to 2013! so I wonder if there is anything I'm doing wrong. I also wonder when approximately do these universities send decision (Either acceptance or rejection). Also, out of curiosity, which of those has the highest acceptance rate for international students with degrees from outside Canada/US?

Much appreciation!