Hi Everyone, I am a master student in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at Tilburg University. I'm currently hoping to apply to Econ and Finance PhD programs for fall 2022. Hoping to get feedback on my profile to help narrow down the range of schools that I plan on applying to. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Type of Undergrad: B.S. in Economics from Beijing Normal University
Undergrad GPA: 2.70/4.00 overall
Econ Courses Bachelor: Principles of Micro(B), Principles of Macro(B), Intermediate Micro(B), Intermediate Macro(C), Econometrics(B)
Math Courses: Calc I (C), Calc-II(C), Linear Algerbra(C), Probability Theory (B), Mathematical Statistics(B)

Type of First Grad: MSc. in Economics and Business, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Grad GPA :6.8/10(approximately 3.0/4, B)
Type of Second Grad: MSc. Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, Tilburg University
Highlighted courses: Data Science: 8.0/10(A); Microeconometrics:8/10 (A); Panel Data Analysis:8.5/10 (A)
GPA: 7.5/10(approximately 3.5/4)
Thesis: working, estimated grade would be 8/10 (A)
GRE: Will take this fall

LOR's: 1 LOR from my thesis supervisor. He's a recent graduated PhD, the letter would be strong as I am expecting, but he's not famous.
2 lecture LORs from an Econ professor. One of them is a very famous professor with 54 h-index and high ranking in the (microeconomics) field; another is an AP and she'll be my third choice. Both of these lectures are interactive lectures, I earned top ranking on both of them. However, I did not have the opportunity to know if the letter would be strong or not(but you know, how strong a lecture LOR could be).

Research Experience: Thesis works

Research Interests: Macro-Finance, Asset Pricing, Monetary Economics

Applying to: Top EU Econ + few Finance programs, listed below
Name of School Program
Tilburg F&E
Tinbergen Economics
Groningen Economics
Stockholm U Economics
Aarhus Economics
CBS Finance
BI Economics
Glasgow Economics
Boston College Economics
Maastricht Finance
Sfi-Lugano Finance
Lund University Economics
Aalto University Economics
Barcelona GSE Economics
INSEAD Management
Goethe University Frankfurt E&F

Concerns : Bachelor, first Grad and Math courses are a piece of ****, lack of publication. Even failed to get excellent GPA in second Master. Didn't have sounding research experience.
I know my experience is a piece of ****, so if you think I'm not qualified to any of the listed school, it's always welcome if you can recommend me to somewhere I deserve.

Thank you very much no matter you replied or just take a glimpse and read till here.