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Thread: Copenhagen Business School vs. Stockholm School of Economics

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    Copenhagen Business School vs. Stockholm School of Economics

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    I've been accepted to, and trying to decide, between two Master's programs in Economics:

    1. MSc in Business and Economics, major Economics - Stockholm School of Economics
    2. (Elite) MSc in Advanced Economics and Finance - Copenhagen Business School

    I have not yet decided whether I want to pursue a PhD after that or go into the job market. As a matter of fact, I don't really know what I would like to do at all, and therefore I'm trying to keep my options open. So, which one's likely to be better with regards to education quality, professors, reputation etc.? Most aspects are of interests.


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    Moved; seems to be a better fit here.
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    Considering this was posted 6 months ago, I assume he already made his decision.

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    In any case, SSE strongly dominates CBS in both academic and non-academic placements. Many former students are now in top positions in business and top European and American PhD's.

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