Hello everyone,

I'm a Masters student at Purdue University currently in the first semester of my coursework. Below is a brief description of my profile:

Undergrad: BTech in Electrical Engineering from Institute of Technology, BHU ( about to be converted and renamed Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi)

GPA: 7.38/10
Math courses: Math I (Differential and Integral Calculus, Differential Equations) Grade - C(7/10)
Math II (Vector Calculus and Analytical Geometry, Complex Analysis, Fourier Series and Integral, Linear Algebra) Grade B (8/10)

Grad I: MS in Mathematical Finance from University of North Carolina at Charlotte

GPA:-4/4 Math and Econ courses:
Stochastic Calculus for Finance, PDE for Finance, Numerical Methods for Finance, Adv Macroeconomic theory, Graduate Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, Financial Econ theory Grade: All As

Grad II :- MS in Applied Statistics, Purdue (First sem)

Taking: Probability, Mathematical Statistics

I'm planning to take Real Analysis and audit Intermediate Microeconomics in the Spring semester. Do you guys think doing either of the above is going to help me given that my grades for RA won't be available anyway during the admission decision cycle?

Since I got dinged pretty bad last time, I'm playing it safe this time.

Target Schools:- UW(Seattle), UNC-CH, Duke, Rochester, Wisconsin UT Austin and some Finance PhD programs

Any advice is most welcome and will be very much appreciated