Type of Undergrad: Top 50 U.S. Institution
Major: Quantitative Economics
Minors: Math, Statistics
Undergrad GPA: Cumulative 3.47/ Econ GPA 3.8
Type of Grad: None
Grad GPA:None
GRE: First take 760Q/450V 4writing…Retake 740Q/480V TBAwriting

Math Courses: Calc I-II(A,A) Math for Economists(Linear Algebra and Multi-variable Calculus) (A),Intro to Linear Algebra (C+), Linear Algebra (B+), Real Analysis II(A),Analysis of Several Variables (B), Intro Prob&StatsI-II-III (A-,B,A-), Stat Method in Finance (A-)

Econ Courses:
Basic EconI-II(B+,A), IntermedEconI-II-III(A,A,B+), Global Econ (A), Intl Trade (A-), Industrl Econ (D), Math Econ (C+), EconometricsI-II-III(B+,A,A-), Game theory (B), Labor Econ (B+), Finance Econ (A), Econ Honors thesisI-II(A-,A), 6 terms of Research (all A's)

Grad Level: (Stats Dept)Stats Methodology I-II(A-,A-), Survey Data and Analysis (IP), (Econ Dept)Business Cycle History(A)

Letters of Recommendation: A great letter from my advisor (Berkeley) whom I worked with for 8 terms. A good letter from the econ honors director (UCLA) who helped guide my thesis and is aware of the research I do. I've taken courses from both econ professors and done well. A good letter from a statistics professor (Washington) whose grad stats class I've taken that can comment on my ability to analyze and interpret data and is also aware of my research I do.

Research Experience: Undergraduate honors thesis. I am coauthoring a paper with my advisor. I have applied for 3 research grants and received three research grants. I presented my work at my university's undergraduate research symposium.

Teaching Experience: Tutored undergraduate calculus for two terms

Research Interests: Economic History, Empirical Macroeconomics.

SOP: Will be good...well it has to be at this point..

Concerns: I studied abroad for a quarter and did poorly in Ind Econ, and Math Econ due to many reasons. I couldn't retake those courses at my home university since I took them abroad...unless I studied abroad again. Instead I decided to take harder math, econ and stat courses to try to compensate for those poor grades. Also, nowhere in my transcript does it formally say I've taken multivariable calculus. My GRE scores also aren't the best. So there is a lot I have to explain in my SOP.

Other: I am going to tailor my application towards my field of research which is economic history for the schools that have a strong program.

Applying to:

UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, George Mason University, University of Pittsburgh, Rutgers University

Vanderbilt, University of Washington, OSU, Boston College, UT Austin, UC Davis, Penn State, Boston University, University of Arizona, University of Virginia, Michigan

Far Reaches:
UCLA, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, Yale

I hope I can get into at least one school. Second, it would be ideal to go to a school with a good econ history/macroeconomics foundation. I would like to know if this is a feasible list and if there is anything else that needs explanation. Honestly, I'd be pretty happy to go to any of these schools. I know this is a little late for a profile evaluation, but any suggestions would be extremely appreciated!