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Thread: Thoughts on Micro-ish MSc Programs

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    Thoughts on Micro-ish MSc Programs

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    I should introduce myself briefly. I have been lurking on these forums for some time.
    I have a great BSc Econ from my local university, which is not famous for econ, other than in some sub-fields. I am enrolled to the MSc Econ program at the same university, but mostly because the structure is quite lax, allowing me to follow courses at other universities for free.

    My academic interests are agent behavior, interaction and the implications of imperfections, especially information problems regarding credit markets. While I do not dismiss the framework of rational agents, it many cases it is probably misleading. Recently, I have been studying evolutionary game theory, reciprocity and similar stuff.

    I will attend one of the following MSc programs next semester. Only the first is confirmed, but I believe I have a good shot at the other ones as well:

    • MSc in Economics and Psychological Sciences at Warwick
    • MSc in Economics/Economics Policy at UCL (they have some nice elective courses and Binmore is teh Awesome!)
    • MSc in Competition and Market Regulation at BGSE.

    The program counts toward my vanilla MSc Econ from my local university.
    It should also be noted that being Scandinavian, I am quite a bit more fond of small classes with the possibility of concurrent discussion than ``traditional'' lectures.

    My medium run goal is to get a Ph.D. from a European university or American university, dealing specifically with microeconomics as briefly described above. My Unreachable Dream™ is probably the CalTech Social Science Ph.D. program. One ought to aim high, eh?

    Given my interests, my background and my goal(s), I would greatly appreciate specific advice on which program to follow or just general advice.

    Thanks in advance,

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    UCL and BGSE dominate Warwick in name and connections, but I don't think the BGSE one is economicky enough to be a good signal. UCL also has an Israeli guy (forgetting the name) who's pretty good in the stuff you describe. Also, if you do well, they might let you continue to the PhD.

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