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Thread: Taking classes as a non-degree student in Boston area

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    Taking classes as a non-degree student in Boston area

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    Has anyone gone through the non-degree student admission process at MIT/Harvard/BU to take classes part-time? I haven't looked into Harvard or BU yet, but MIT's application is here - link: http://web.mit.edu/professional/adva...dmissions.html

    There is a chance that I will work in Boston after graduation, so I was wondering how competitive this process is. Say if I want to take Micro I or Macro I at MIT, would it be hard to gain approval from the department and the Advanced Study Program? What's the grade distribution like in these first year classes?

    Any thoughts on BU and Harvard?

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    I don't know much about MIT or BU. Harvard offers non-degree students classes through the Extension School, but my recollection is that those students can't register in most "normal" classes. Don't forget about BC and Tufts, both of which offer graduate-level economics classes that can be taken through non-degree programs that would surely accept you.

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