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Thread: salary expectations

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    Question salary expectations

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    I know this forum is mainly about getting in PhD programs but some of us are finishing and entering the job market. One of the non-academic jobs I am looking at asks for my salary expectations. Does anyone here with experience on the job market have information to help me answer that question. My school is a top 3 AREC program and my interests include econometrics and applied micro. I have solid references from well know professors. The job I am applying for is in a high cost area.
    Attending Maryland AREC

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    Congrats on surviving!

    I can help you. However, I need you to tell me where you are applying to give you an accurate salary expectation because salaries can really vary across non-academic jobs.

    For example, gov't jobs usually start at GS-12, Step 3-9

    But, treasury jobs and fed jobs usually pay substantially more

    There can also be a substantial difference between what would appear to be very similar firms,such as PWC and E&Y.

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    You can probably look up salaries for similar positions in similar areas at glassdoor.com

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