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Thread: UC3M/Lund M.S. Economic Development and Growth

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    UC3M/Lund M.S. Economic Development and Growth

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    Would anyone recommend this program?

    1) Erasmus Mundus - M.S. economic development and growth
    Master in Economic Development and Growth : Program

    It sounds good to me, especially there seems to be a strong emphasis on building strong research skills. Also I like the idea of spending the first year at UC3M and the second year in Sweden (No UK for me as I live in the UK and want to get out!) Suppose I make up for any Math deficiencies in different ways - LSE distance learning or additional class-based instruction - what do you guys think would be my chances to get into a top US PhD program (focus on development economics) later on?

    would appreciate your views on this one. cheers

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    Post your full profile using the template to get some answers.

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    Re: UC3M/Lund M.S. Economic Development and Growth

    This is a very, very late response, but as someone who has completed this program, I'd like to offer my advice for anyone who may be interested.

    This program definitely does build your research skills. OP had mentioned making up for his math deficiencies and then later applying for a top US program. This program does require strong math skills, but it is not as math-intensive as an M.Sc. in Economics would be. I think that you could definitely get into a good US program with good grades in the MEDEG and the right math courses, but you'll probably need to RA for a year or two before beginning a PhD. Some of the professors in the MEDEG are on the qualitative/history side of things, and considering how short the courses are, it may be hard to build a good enough relationship to get letters of recommendation (it will be hard enough to be the best student in micro, times series, etc.)

    Obviously OP decided long ago whether or not to do this program, but for EU citizens outside of Spain, I don't think the year in Sweden is really necessary. It's not a continuation of the first year, as much as it is a separate M.Sc. in Economic Development. I've been told that the year in Sweden is more for Spanish students who want to show that they can study/work outside of their home country and in an institution that operates in English. If you're from the UK, the year in Sweden would be fun, but really isn't necessary for your academic profile.

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