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Thread: What are my odds?

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    What are my odds?

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    Applied to phd programs at BC, BU, UVA, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Maryland, and Georgetown.

    BA from top 30 private school with good econ dept.
    Econ major, math minor.
    GRE: 162 Q, 159 V, 4.5 A
    GPA: 3.85 (top 5% of class)
    Math courses:
    Calc II--A
    Linear Algebra--B+
    Diff eqns--A
    Analysis I--A
    Math Programming--A
    Math Stats--IP
    Abstract Math--IP

    3 good letters, one from top professor and associate at NBER

    No research experience really, other than consulting projects this summer at major consulting firm.

    So what kind of shape am I in to be admitted to any of these schools??

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    since you've already applied, you just need to relax. I like your odds of getting in to some of the schools but I'm not an adcom so it doesn't mean much.

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