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Thread: [MsC] UCL vs Bocconi vs TI

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    [MsC] UCL vs Bocconi vs TI

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    Hi guys!

    I recently received some offers:
    - Msc Economics from UCL 1yr
    - Msc Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconi 2yr
    - MPhil Economics from Tinbergen Institute (with direct continuation to PhD) 2yr
    - Msc Economics from Warwick 1yr

    I was also considering the Msc in Economics at the University of Turin combined with Collegio Carlo Alberto allievi honours track (2 yr).

    My goal, enter a top US - EU PhD program.

    I am leaning towards UCL, but maybe a 2 yr program would suit me better. TI made me a nice offer, but it feels somehow you cannot leave for the PhD, and I do not think I want to take my PhD in the Netherlands.

    Any advice?

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    If you want to go to the US, I would opt for a 1 year program... At TI you would work your [...] off for 2 years just to find yourself doing the same in the US afterwards.

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    Hi Bonnie -- just wondering where did you go in the end and what are your initial feelings about the place you chose?
    I am going to apply for European master programs where I can get a good placement in top US/UK PhDs. What do you recommend?

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