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Thread: phd at Bocconi?

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    phd at Bocconi?

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    Hi everyone,

    I am at my first year of MA in Economics in Turkey and planning to apply to Bocconi for a phd.

    My girlfriend is Italian, and she is currently enrolled to a phd program in Turkey. So we're trying to decide which country would be better to live in the long run, so Italy was the first country we could think of apart from Turkey.

    My undergrad was from an engineering program at one of the best universities of Turkey. I had a Math minor and took some economics classes so after my undergrad I worked for a while but I wanted to pursue a master's degree in economics, and if everything goes alright I want to go for a phd.

    I lived for some time in Milan. During my undergrad, I had an internship at the best technical university of Italy, after working with my professors back there we published a paper (I can ask for a reference letter for an application) and now the second paper is on the way, however it is not related to economics. I'd say it was more like a mixture of consumer behavior and mechanical engineering At the same time, at my university in Turkey, for more than 1 year, I was a TA and RA for marketing/consumer behavior classes and became interested in behavioral economics after I read about Prospect Theory. I worked at 2 different companies for short periods (Ipsos KMG, Nielsen) that conduct market research however I couldn't find what I was looking for there, so I chose to go for a masters.

    The biggest question in my mind is, how likely they are (Bocconi) to give a scholarship if everything goes fine? Do I have any chance to be accepted there given my background? For my undergrad and grad. I had a scholarship from my university that covers all the expenses of the university (tuition waiver, stipend and all the expenses about bureaucratic issues), so what I mean by a scholarship is this kind. Apart from Bocconi, can you suggest some other universities in Europe that are willing to give this kind of scholarships and at the same level of Bocconi?

    Another question, is there a professor there working on behavioral economics that Bocconi students/alumni here may know? (I know I can always check professors' websites, but just to save some time)

    Undergrad GPA: 3.2, for math courses 3.7. Grad GPA: I am trying my best.
    TOEFL and GRE: Won't cause any harm hopefully

    Thanks a lot for help!
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