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Thread: Profile Evaluation (15 Fall)

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    Profile Evaluation (15 Fall)

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    Dear all, I am an applicant from China and applying Econ PhD in this fall. However, my background is somewhat not very typical and makes me feel very confused when applying. I would be very grateful if you guys take a look at my profile and give me a piece of suggestion which level of program I should be applying.
    PROFILE:Type of Undergrad: Flagship University in China(Top 50)
    Undergrad GPA: 3.45/4; Major:Mechanical Engineering and Automation.
    Type of Grad: Top 3 in China
    Grad GPA:4/4 Major: Labor Economics
    GRE: 1st one: 168Q / 153V / 3.5A; 2nd one: 170Q / 150V / 3A
    TOEFL: 106/120
    Math Courses: Calculus I,II (B,B), Linear Algebra (A),Probability (B)
    Econ Courses (grad-level): Advanced Micro (A) Advanced Macro (A) Advanced Econometrics I, II, III (A,A,A), Development Economics I (A), Industrial Organization (A), Personnel Econ (A) Labor Econ (A)
    Letters of Recommendation: Great personal recommendation from Chair (Gatech Professor). Good rec from former dean at Ohio State. Great rec from a professor at HKUST (PhD, Cornell). Great personal recommendation from my advisor (SUNY Buffalo professor)
    Research Experience: One is under review at The Annals of Regional Science; Another one( coauthored with Chair) is going to submit to a top 30 journal, which has been presented as keynote speech on an Annual Meeting of the Chinese Economics Society of Australia at Monash University and an Symposium on China's Economy and Governance at UChicago.
    Teaching experience: TA for Advanced Econometrics II and Advanced Macro for one semester.
    SOP: Clearly states reasons why I want a Phd and research ideas.
    Other: Proficient in Stata
    Applying to: U Maryland - College Park; Ohio State U; Boston U; U Minnesota;Penn State U; Carnegie Mellon U; Boston College; U Virginia; Vanderbilt U; Georgetown U; University of Washington;U Pittsburgh;Iowa State U
    Concerns: Math grades aint good and advanced math courses are lacking. GRE VERBAL & AW is low, however, which score should I send? Are the schools in my list too good?

    Thanks so much!
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