Type of Undergrad:Bachelor of Arts (Honours in Economics)from Delhi University
Undergrad GPA:7/10 (2-Year Average)
GRE:Q 158, V 161, AWA 5.0

Math Courses:
Mathematical Methods for Economics (Sydsaeter andHammond), mostly B+
Econ Courses (all fromUG):
Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Macro, Econometrics,International Economics, Development Policy, Statistics
Other Courses:
Letters of Recommendation:
1. Professor from UG- Well-published activeresearcher. Knows me and my development well enough.
2. Researcher at arenowned think-tank: Ex-academic who switched into the policy world, workedwith him extensively on a working paper

Research Experience:
Internshipat a think-tank

Research Interests:
Development Economics, Public Policy and InternationalTrade

No 'required' math classes on transcript (i,.e. RealAnalysis, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations)
Non-stellar grades

Not sure if I fit well into traditional economicsprograms given that my research interests more closely aligns with quantintensive courses. Personal preference for schools in the Europe.

Funding is a major concern.

Please help me with the range of schools and apreferably give me a potential list of grad schools that I should be targeting.Appreciate any advice