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Thread: Profile Evaluation (Fall 2018 PhD)

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    Profile Evaluation (Fall 2018 PhD)

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    Type of Undergrad: Top 30 School in Econ in the U.S.
    Undergrad GPA:
    156V, 164Q, 4.5AW
    TOEFL: 112/120

    Math Courses: Calculus I-III (A+,A+,B+); Linear Algebra (A); Differential Equation (A); Elementary Stats (A+); Mathematical Statistics and Probability (B+) ; Real Analysis (A)
    Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro, Macro (A+), Other electives (A)

    Letters of Recommendation:
    Two of them are from development economists. One of them I worked as an RA for the last year. One of them, I worked as an RA over the summer in 2017 and she also advised on my empirical research paper. One of them is from a lecturer of my intermediate micro class.

    Research Experience: A empirical research paper in development with one of my recommenders. I also worked as an RA for two faculty members for the last year.

    Research Interests: Development Economics
    Concerns: GRE

    Applying to: Schools in the range of top 10 to top 50. I am applying to almost 20 schools.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation (Fall 2018 PhD)

    GRE is going to be a big problem ... why did not you take it again?

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    Re: Profile Evaluation (Fall 2018 PhD)

    A 164Q score (about the 88th percentile or so?) won't be viewed that positively at top 20 schools but outside of that it won't hold you back. I'd expect that your research experience and good grades will get you a funded admit around the top 20-30. If you could get the GRE up to 166 or higher and get a letter of recommendation from someone other than a lecturer, I'd be more confident.

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