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Thread: Profile Evaluation - Fall 2020

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    Profile Evaluation - Fall 2020

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    Type of Undergrad: Top 10 SLAC - BA in Economics
    Undergrad GPA: 3.8/4

    V 163 / Q 169
    Math Courses: Calc A (B+), Calc B (A), Calc C (A), Linear Algebra (A-), Probability (B+), Differential Equations (A), Real Analysis (B+)

    Econ Courses: Introductory Macro (A), Introductory Micro (C+ (family member passed away during finals week)), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (B+), Labor Economics (A), Environmental Economics (A), Money and Banking (A), Health Economics (A), International Economics (A), Econometrics (A)
    Letters of Recommendation:
    1 assistant prof I RA'd for for two years (strong), 1 prof I RA'd for for 1 year (strong), 1 economist from federal reserve (strong)
    Research Experience: 2 years RA experience in undergrad, mostly in economics department but also one semester in political science department. Two economics papers published from undergrad in which I am co-author with a professor. Also one summer at a Fed bank. Currently almost finished with my 1st year as a full time RA at a Fed bank.

    Teaching Experience:
    Research Interests:
    Labor, health, TBD

    I'll likely be spending one more year as an RA at the Fed, and applying for Fall 2020. Looking for advice on what levels of programs I should be targeting. Is top 25 out of my reach? My main concerns are some sub-par grades (B+'s in intermediate Macro, Probability, and Analysis), and lack of graduate coursework


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    Re: Profile Evaluation - Fall 2020

    Top 10 is feasible depending on your letters.

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