Type of Undergrad: Small LAC
Undergrad GPA: 3.84/4.0
Major: Mathematics, Economics
Minor: Computer Science (but does not show on my transcript)
GRE: Q: 168, V:155

Math Courses:
Multivariable Calculus (A)
Discrete Mathematics (A)
Linear Algebra (A, but taking during a summer at a CC)
Probability and Statistics 1 (A)
Real Analysis (A)

Econ Courses:
Intro Micro (A-)
Intro Macro (A)
Intermediate Micro (A)
Intermediate Macro (A-)
Econometrics (A)

Computer Science Courses:
Intro to Comp Sci 1,2 (A) (A-)
Data Structures and Problem Solving (A-)
Computer Organization and Architecutre (A-)
Theoretical Foundation of Computer Science (A-)

Other Courses:
General Chemistry w/ Lab (A)
Intro to Physics (A-)

Letters of Recommendation:
2 from professors that I will be doing research with this summer (expect to be strong)
1 from professor from Comp Sci department (expect to be semi-strong)

Research Experience:
Spending this semester doing Independent Study which is basically like a RA
Going to do Student-Faculty Collaborative Research in the summer with two of my professors mentioned above, and it is feasible to be published (top 50 Journals) and, if published, I will be listed as co-author

Teaching Experience:
Tutor at the "Quantitative" center at my school (Fall 2017 to present)

Research Interests: N/A

Reach: Columbia, NYU, Duke, Brown, UCLA
Range: Boston College/Univ, Penn State, UVA, University of Washington, USC, Georgetown
Safety: Don't know yet (recommendations will be appreciated

Even though my letters from two of my professors are expected to be strong and in favor, but they are relatively unknown and both assistant professors at a small liberal arts school. Is it better to get an okay letter from a relatively well-known professor than a strong letter from a relatively unknown professor? I always thought the former would be better but please share your opinions!

Any evaluations/input would be appreciated!