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Thread: Profile Evaluation for MA programs

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    Profile Evaluation for MA programs

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    I'm curious about how I stand. Looking to get into either U of T (doctoral, preferably) for MA or LSE (MSc in Econ or EME)

    Type of Undergrad: Top 5 Canadian school, Business (Finance) and Mathematics dual degree

    Undergrad GPA: 3.9/4.0
    GRE: Q: 170, V: 164, W: 4.5

    Math Courses: Calc I, II (AP, no mark); Calc III (A+); Linear Algebra (A+); Intro to Computer Science (A+); Universally standardized intro stats course (A+); Probability Theory (with Calc III prerequisite) (A-); Game Theory (A+); Real Analysis (A-); Differential Equations (A+); Computational Data Science (A); Probability Theory II (with Real Analysis prerequisite) (A); Time Series Analysis (A)

    Econ Courses: Intro, Intermediate, Advanced Micro and Macro (A+ in all six); Mathematical Economics (A+); Econometrics I (A+); Applied Econometrics (A)

    Finance Courses: Finance I, Finance II, Corporate Finance, International Finance, Portfolio Theory, Financial Derivatives (all A+)

    Letters of Recommendation: One economics professor, one quantitative finance professor.

    Research Experience: Very little academic research experience; all of my research experience is professional.

    Research Interests: Macroeconomics, developmental economics

    Work experience: Worked every summer at various firms, most recently at a prestigious investment bank.

    I guess this is sort of relevant and it would certainly be in my SOP; I want to do a Master's degree, more than anything else, because I love economics. I can continue at the firm I last worked, and it would be a solid end in itself - from what I've seen, many people who finish MAs in economics end up in the very job I would end up in. But for some naive misguided reason I feel the need to complete graduate studies in economics. Maybe part of me feels I can make a difference in the world with it. I don't know.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation for MA programs

    Your profile to me seems competitive for top 5 Canadian MAs. From what I hear the doctoral stream MA at U of T is gone, they just allow some students to take PhD courses. Western is the only program with a PhD stream MA in Canada now I believe.

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