Hi there! I was hoping to get your thoughts on my profile, which schools / programs might make sense to apply to, and if there's things I could be doing in the next year to strengthen my application.

Undegrad: Non-HYP Ivy 2016 grad
Major: Economics with High Honors (3.86)
Econ Coursework: Econometrics, Micro, Macro, Intro, Development, Finance, Social Entrepreneurship: A's
Adv. Econometrics, Adv. Micro, Adv. Macro, Finance II: A - 's
Math Coursework: Multivariable Calc (A in highschool), Linear Algebra (Non-Recorded Grade), Differential Equations (A)

Research Experience
Research assistant for development economics professor
Senior honors thesis - won award for best thesis in the department

Teaching Experience
STATA TA for development economics senior seminar

Other Experience
Management Consulting - 2+ years
Non-Profit Externship for 4 months researching impact of various projects in developing country

Research Interest
Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, and Market Design
Particularly sustainable business and financial solutions to development and poverty concerns

1) What schools should I be aiming to apply to? Are there certain programs that would make more sense given my interests - I've had professors mention the PEG program at HKS and am wondering if the political-econ or business-econ mix might make sense given my more applied interests.
2) Should I find an online course for real-analysis to take during the summer of 2019?