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Thread: regarding course load

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    regarding course load

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    I went to a ~top20 econ phd institution for undergrad. During most of the semesters when I had mix of econ/math + other courses, I had a lot of downs in terms of grades. But during the last three semesters, I showed improvement (at least that's what I think) - during the first of those three last semesters, I took the first sequence of real analysis, an econ elective, did the thesis, and the rest were random gen-ed courses. During the last two semesters, the courses were basically almost all math courses (4/5 math courses each semester) and these courses were all advanced courses. Thankfully I managed to pull up my grades straight As in the past three semesters.

    It also seems strange to me that my academic performance were much stronger when I stacked up my schedule with all the advanced/math courses (I guess the skills just built up overtime through struggles and they thankfully helped eventually), but would the admissions committee rather see this as something suspicious/bad?

    I would like to hear some opinions, thanks for the help!

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    Re: regarding course load

    In the U.S. it's common for advanced courses (for juniors/seniors) to have easier grading curves. B or B+ median for core/freshman courses, A- or A median for advanced courses. I don't think your situation is actually very uncommon for math/econ students. It's definitely a good thing for PhD admissions and not suspicious.

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