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Thread: Bad grades

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    Bad grades

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    Hi. At the moment I am thinking on applying for a Phd in the US (intl student). I have B.A. in Economics and I am currently finishing my master thesis (not before applying). I have good grades on math courses at Undergraduate (170 Q in gre), game theory and macro (at graduate), I am well placed on the ranking of undergraduate class (top 5%) and I did RA for the people who will write good letters.

    However, I did not so well at Micro and IO courses at the master's degree. I have no excuse. I just did not well and I have some bad grades.

    I know this hurts a lot my chances of a Top 30 program. But, how much this hurts my chances for a 30-50 program? Is there anything I could do to improve my chances?

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    Re: Bad grades

    Master's grades will be more significantly more important than undergrad grades, unless your undergrad institution is well known and have a good track record at direct undergrad-to-PhD placements.

    I don't think there's much you can do to compensate for the grades. You just need to ask your professors to give you an honest evaluation of your position in your cohort, and what range they suggest for you.

    Without more information it's impossible for us to say whether you're competitive for either range.

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