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Thread: Profile Evaluation for RA positions

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    Question Profile Evaluation for RA positions

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    Type of Undergrad: Top Liberal Arts (does not participate in rankings)

    Undergrad GPA : ~3.52 (average is 3.1 at my school, deflates grades)
    Major GPA : ~3.8

    Math/Stats Courses:
    - Undergrad: Intro to Analysis (A), Proof based Linear Algebra (A), Discrete Structures (A), Proof based Vector Calculus (B+), Probability Theory (A), Real Analysis (A-), Statistical Learning (A), Mathematical Statistics (A-)

    Econ Courses: Macroeconomic Theory (Romer's book) (A), Micro Theory (B+), Econometrics (A), a couple other field courses

    Research Experience:
    2 summers with a fairly active prof T20 PhD, Thesis on a Macro topic (ongoing)

    Would also be great if you could talk about suggested grad school range?

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    Re: Profile Evaluation for RA positions

    Iím guessing you go to Reed. I think youíll be much better served by spending a year or two as a full time RA before applying. Then I think top 20 will be within reach. Your math and econ grades are very good, althought I think some schools have an explicit gpa cutoff at 3.5, so you may want to focus on keeping that up.

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