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Thread: Profile Evaluation

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    Profile Evaluation

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    School: non-ranked state school, but does have a phd program.
    Major-math; BA with an emphasis in statistics, minor in economics. (overall gpa 3.89)
    Math classes: Calc sequence, linear algebra, intro to proofs, analysis, probability, mathematical statistics, will take more classes next semester (3.85)
    Econ classes: intermediate micro and macro, introductory econometrics (4.0)
    I am currently taking two econ grad/phd classes: Advanced Micro and Advanced Econometrics.

    Teaching Experience
    I tutor at my university econ and math, conduct review sessions for a professor in econ
    Teach at an online private school math

    Programming/computer skills:
    Know stata extremely well, have programmed/worked with R, Python, and LaTeX.

    LOR: all from professors, at least two will be fairly to extremely strong.

    Research: Two working papers (I am a coautthor for both) that I will submit in the next couple months. Working on own research on felons and subsidies as well. No publications yet.

    Abnormal part of my application:
    I am 18-I graduated high school a year early and am finishing my undergrad in two years. I am not sure if this will give me a chance at some top schools (differentiating myself) or if it will seriously hurt me.

    I am taking the GRE next friday, under the assumption I get 170 and around 165, what are my chances for places ranging from Northwestern, NYU, Columbia, UCLA, Boston, UC Davis? Any other advice?

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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    You can try applying to those PhD programs if that's what you want, but if you don't get a good offer, doing a year or two of RA work will do you a lot of good. You haven't mentioned any research assistance experience; that's necessary at some point to learn the trades of this discipline, regardless of how intelligent you are. Considering you're finishing your undergrad degree so young anyway, it makes sense to get that RA experience earlier and then start your PhD on solid footing. You'll also be pretty well paid for a 19 year old; the most selective RA positions pay more than a typical PhD stipend.

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