Hello guys,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this 'writing sample' that I have to submit at a few universities. It is crucial for me as it might help in establishing my Econ research abilities since I am from a Math background. I have the following questions-

1. Is it a good idea to submit parts of the MS thesis project as a writing sample?

2. What should be the length of my writing sample? While some universities 'recommend' 2-7 pages, others ask for minimum 15 pages.

3. If you're building something on old concepts, is it okay to skip details about those? In other words, to maintain the brevity of the write-up can we omit trivial (and not so trivial) details that can either be found in the literature or understood if stressed up a little?

Thank you very much for reading this. It would be great if you could provide any insights on these issues.