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Thread: Yale TOEFL minimum

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    Yale TOEFL minimum

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    I do not qualify for their TOEFL requirement.
    4 points below the minimum in one area.
    Would it be a waste of time and money to apply for Yale and Cambridge's phd programs?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Yale TOEFL minimum

    In general, TOEFL requirements are a university-wide requirement for PhD offers. The department cannot admit you even if they want to.

    In some cases, a program may admit you but preclude you from taking a TA position until you fulfill the language requirement. This may mean you won't receive a stipend, but this also varies by program.

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    Re: Yale TOEFL minimum

    While I agree with chateauheart, do note that sometimes departments can ask universities to make an exception. In the case of Yale, the requirement appears to be set by the department rather than by the university. Of course, if you are hoping for an exception, the rest of your record had best blow them away.

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