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Thread: Profile Evaluation

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    Profile Evaluation

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    Hi guys,

    It would be greatly appreciated to get your two cents on my profile, as I have a feeling that I am aiming too high with not enough safety. My advisors agreed with the set of schools but I guess I lack in self-awareness.

    Thank you in advance!


    Type of Undergraduate: Top 30 Liberal Arts school in the U.S.
    Major: Computer Science with Honors
    Minor: Mathematics
    GPA: 3.83/4.0

    Type of Graduate: Non-degree program at Top 10 econ university in the U.S.

    Math Courses:
    At top 10 econ university: Real Analysis (A+)
    At my undergraduate institution: Mathematical Statistics(A-), Probability(A), Linear Algebra(A), Calc Sequence(A+,A,A)

    Econ Courses:
    At top 10 econ university: Ph.D. level microeconomic theory (Currently Taking)
    At my undergraduate institution: Advanced econometrics (A-), Intro to micro/macro(A,A-)

    GRE: 157(V), 169 (Q), 4(AW)
    Research Experience:
    1) Two years of full-time RAing for two junior professors at a top 10 econ university; the professors are in the business school but they do heavy empirical, structural econ work.

    2) One year of honors research in computer science (Math heavy)

    3) One summer of full-time independent research in computer science

    Reference letter:

    2 from the professors I full-time RAed for,
    1 from my honors advisor
    All are junior but I expect the best letter they can write, and they said they'd use their "social capital."

    Research Interest: Applied Micro, specifically structural IO

    School List:


    Harvard Econ, HBS BusEcon, MIT, Princeton
    Stanford, Stanford GSB Econ, Berkeley
    Yale, Northwestern, UChicago, Booth Econ, Columbia,
    UPenn, Wharton BusEcon,
    NYU, NYU Stern Econ, UCLA, UCSD, UMichigan, UWisconsin
    UMinnesota, Duke, UTexas, Brown,

    Do you think I am taking too much risk by aiming too high?

    Thank you all!

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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    Given what your advisors have told you, you should be fine with this list.

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