Type of Undergraduate: top 10 in Econ/Math
Major: Mathematics and Economics
GPA: 3.85/4.0

Type of Graduate: N/A

Math Courses:
Calc 1 A Calc 2 A- Multivariable A Linear Algebra A- Analysis 1 B+ Honors Analysis P ODE A PDE (Currently taking, A or A-) Complex Variable A Probability (currently taking A or A-)

Planned: Point-Set Topology, Math Stat, grad probability (undergrad), grad analysis 1,2 (1 = Baby Rudin's level 2=Measure Theory and Lebesgue Integration, Hilbert Spaces), Stochastic calculus and other masters courses (possibly some phd math courses later on)

Econ Courses:
Micro (Math Approach) A Macro (Math Approach) A Econometrics A Advanced Game Theory (Taking), Statistics A and all As in other electives

Research Experience:
Summer Undergrad research, Planning to write Honors Thesis, Masters Thesis and do two-years RA later on

I am primarily concerned with my grades in Analysis and my overall profile. I took Analysis in my first semester of sophomore year without any primary exposure to pure math and did quite well until the final exam where I made some stupid mistakes. Then I decided to take the Honors Section that covers basic topology and some of measure as a pass-fail option this semester for the sake of learning- I might change this back to the letter grade option but it seems unlikely that I will get an A due to the harsh grading policy. It appears that my grades in Analysis may actually kill my profile and I am thinking about doing BA/MSC program in mathematics in which I will get to spend extra year after my bachelor's to complete masters in mathematics. Then, once I am done with masters, I am planning on doing RA for two years before I apply to phd. Do you think, in my case, getting a masters in mathematics with good GPA can save my profile? I am aware that letters play the most important role but I also believe that my current math grades will not send a strong signal to admissions. Has anyone been in a situation like this and got into Top 15 program? If it won't be worth it to do masters in math, then will it be better to focus more on research?