Hi all,

I was an international student and I graduated 2 years ago. I was interested in doing graduate studies but I ultimately returned to my home country to work for 2 years, trying to reduce the financial burden as an international student. After 2 years, I have paid off most of the debts and I am thinking of returning to university in 2020 to do a master degree (and eventually a phd in public policy/economics).

My gpa is a bit mediocre as I did pretty bad in most of the arts and humanities courses. Just want to know if graduate programs such as oxford econ mphil / lse msc econ etc. would be a long shot for me? I understand that they are typically looking for 3.7+ GPA students and I am not sure if this is a hard admission requirement and would they focus mainly on econ/math courses only?

I am also quite concerned about the courses in red. Are these red flags to admission that will lead me to a quick ding? I am particularly concerned about my withdrawals and C+ in a seminar course.

Also, if I am lucky enough to receive an offer and perform well at these masters programs, will it overcome my academic deficiencies in undergrad?

Thank you so much!


Economics undergraduate at Columbia (transferred from a top 20 majoring in econ and business)
GPA: 3.55

Math courses at old uni:
Calcs I II (A)
Business stat (A)
Maths for economics (W)

Math courses at Columbia:
Calc I III (A, i have taken them again at Columbia)
Intro to probability (A)
Intro to statistics (A)
Maths for economics (A)
Stat reasoning (W)

Economics at old uni:
Microeconomics for Business (A-)
Macroeconomics for Business (A)
Political economy (B+)
Intermediate micro (A)
Intermediate macro (A)
Intro to econometrics (A)

Economics at Columbia:
Intermediate micro (A)
Intermediate macro (A)
Financial economics (A-)
Money and banking (A-)
Public economics (A-)
Corporate finance (B+)
Industrial organization (W)
Monetary policy seminar (C+)

Planned: linear algebra and real analysis from harvard extension or illinois online