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Thread: Profile evaluation

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    Profile evaluation

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    Type of Undergrad: BBA, major in Economics and Mathematics, relatively good business school, had strong placements in the last two/three years (top 20)
    Undergrad GPA: 3.84/4
    Type of Grad: Msc Economics, same school
    Grad GPA: 3.86/4
    GRE: 167Q, 165V, 4.5
    Math Courses (all undergrad): Statistics I (A+), Statistics II (A+), Mathematical modelling (A+), Stochastic calculus (A-), Real Analysis (A-), Linear algebra (A+), Topology (A-)
    Undergrad econ courses: Intro Macroeconomics (A+), Intro Microeconomics (A+), Intermediate Macro (A+), Intermediate Micro (A+), Econometrics (A+).
    Grad econ courses: Advanced micro (A), Monetary Macro (A), Time Series Econometrics (B+), Industrial Organization (A), Advanced Econometrics (A)
    Other Courses: Bunch of finance class, not relevant
    Letters of Recommendation: Professor for whom I've been a RA, from top 15 US econ dep. Thesis advisor, will be pretty strong. Faculty director, will be pretty strong too.
    Research Experience: 1 year RA in Energy economics at my school (although with the department of statistics), 1 year RA at a top 15 US university in econ.
    Teaching Experience: 3 years TA (undergrad statistics/undergrad maths/undergrad intermediate macro/grad advanced macro), 1 semester instructor having my own class (undergrad statistics)
    Research Interests: Monetary economics, International Trade, International macro
    Concerns: My B+ in a grad class is a concern, even though the average is B- (which is unusual for a master's class), especially with it being in time series, which is directly within my research interests. I am wonderring if I should retake that class, even though it won't appear in my GPA at the time of candidating. If I retake it and state it in my SOP, will it be considered?
    Coding skills: R, Python, Stata, LaTex.
    Applying to : that's a bit my question here. What should I aim for with a profile like that? Top 30? Top 20?

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    Re: Profile evaluation

    Should be able to get a funded top 20 offer. Maybe better if the letters say "this student is better than my old student Y, who is doing well at [top 15 program Z]."

    I wouldn't worry about the B+ in metrics, you've got A's in other metrics classes and in advanced Micro.

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