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Thread: Profile Evaluation - Also What to work on for the next few years

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    Profile Evaluation - Also What to work on for the next few years

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    Hi all, I am a senior set to graduate in May. I am looking into attending a PHD program within the next few years, but wanted to get some work experience (and money) first. My job will pay for my any courses I take, so on top of this being a profile review, I am wondering if there are any additional courses I should/need to take to bolster my application.

    Type of Undergrad: Top 60ish University, Private
    Majors: Statistics and Economics
    Minor: Psychology
    Undergrad GPA: 3.84/4, 3.95/4 GPAs for both Stats and Econ
    Grad GPA: None
    GRE: 168Q, 163V, 4AW

    Math/Stat Courses: Calc 1-3 (A,A,A-), Linear Algebra (A), Real Analysis (B), Stat 2 (A), Regression Analysis (A), Mathematical Statistics I and II (A-,A), Data Mining-4000 level Stat Class (A), Analysis of Variance (A), Time Series Analysis (A Expected), SAS Statistical Coding Course (A Expected)

    Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Mathematical Macro (A), Game Theory (A), Econometrics (A), Financial Economics (A-), Urban Economics (A), Economics of Public Finances Taxation, Expenditure (A, A), Economics of Crime (A-), Economics Thesis course (A)

    Letters of Recommendation: 3 Professors lined up as of now. All three professors know me well through leadership positions, taking multiple courses, or long hours of office hour discussion over graduate school.
    First is a respected prof from a top 5 PHD and UG
    The two following both went to top 30 PHD programs
    All three publish extensively in their fields.

    Research Experience: Did economic research with a department in my school (mostly for one prof) on public policy economics - works councils and unions. Worked about 20 hours/week for first semester, then 10/week for the second. One published paper (through the prof, obviously). This work led to my senior year thesis paper as well.
    Also, will have interned/worked at economic consulting firms for extensive periods of time. Unsure where to put this, but it bolsters my economic researching skills at least.

    Teaching Experience: Only tutored for statistics for a year, not sure if that counts, but it's here.

    Research interests: I/O, Public Policy

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    Re: Profile Evaluation - Also What to work on for the next few years

    You have a very good profile. Is the economics consulting firm your current job? One can always take additional math classes, but you've the basic and second level classes already. I think additional research experience is always a good thing, which is why I asked about your current job. You could also take a first year PhD class (micro or econometrics).

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