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Hi everyone, I am a junior planning to applying for graduate econ program of 2020 fall. My undergraduate school is in China, while I spend the whole junior year exchanging in Notre Dame.

In China (freshman & sophomore):
Overall GPA: 3.2
Main Econ Courses: Micro (A), Macro (B+), Metrics (B+), Game Theory (A), Labor Econ (A)
Main Math Courses: Mathematical Analysis I-III (C), Linear Algebra (C), Prob & Stata (C)

Exchange (junior):
Overall GPA: 3.91 (last semester)
Main Econ Courses: Advanced Micro (A), Public Econ (A-), IO (taking), Health Econ (taking)
Main Math Courses: ODE (A), Operation Research (A), Real Analysis (taking), Stochastic Process (taking)

Gre (preparing):
In recent practice, I could keep Q 167+

My first two years are terrible, especially in math, and I'm sure that they'll have large negative effects. I was wondering if there is any possibility to compensate these drawbacks? (online math courses/gre math sub/undergraduate research?) Basing on my background, my expectation is top50 programs, is that too high? Or it's a better choice to apply some master programs first. Welcome to any suggestions! Thank you
Update: I got As in Real Analysis, Stochastic Process and IO and an A- in Health Econ. Besides, I also have 170 in Gre Q.
I wish these could compensate my poor grade a little little bit.