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Thread: UBC Master for proceeding to PhD

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    UBC Master for proceeding to PhD

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    Hello, everyone.

    I would like you to share anything regarding UBC master's academic (PhD) placement.

    I have two offers so far. One is US top 50 PhD program (with 5 year full funding), and the other is UBC master (with TA-ship). In my plan, I will take UBC master of economics and then apply again to US top 30 program or stay at UBC PhD. My concern is whether UBC master program will improve my chance to go to better PhD programs given that my degrees are BA and Master in Commerce (Business).

    I have already asked those kinds of questions to UBC people, but their answers are ambiguous. Would appreciate it if you told me something about UBC master's placement for PhD programs.

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    Re: UBC Master for proceeding to PhD

    You can email the grad admin staff for a placement list. If they don't keep any, it says a lot about their programme.

    Secondly, your chances of getting into a good programme, conditional on doing well in your masters, still depends on a lot of things. It might help to post your current profile, using the standard format used in this forum.

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