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Thread: [Please help] Combined intermediate micro+macro course

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    [Please help] Combined intermediate micro+macro course

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    Hi all! First post here.

    I'm applying for econ phd program for 2020 intake and i ran into a problem. My uni offers a combined intermediate micro+macro econ theory course, titled "Intermediate Economics", rather than two separated ones. It was intensive and really challenging for all the students. The course content is given below.

    This course covers topics on both the Macro- and Micro-economics sides at the intermediate level. On the macroeconomics side, the Keynesian IS-LM model in the close and open economy, various exchange rate regimes and their implications to the economy will be discussed. In addition, the AD-AS model will be derived and employed to perform policy analyses. On the microeconomics side, quantitative models in relation to consumerís choice, budget constraints and utility maximization will be focused. The concepts of profit maximization, cost minimization, firmís and industryís supply as well as the market structures of perfect competition, oligopoly and monopoly will also be addressed in the course. After this course, student would have a stronger quantitative background in economics. Besides, students are expected to be able to apply more sophisticated macro- and micro- economic models to conduct empirical economic analyses.
    I'm worried that this might not be enough for econ phd application, since most programs require two courses in intermediate theories, though I've learnt a lot from this course and through self study. Any suggestions/thoughts on this? Should I take some other courses to make up for the repercussions brought by this one?

    Thank you all for your help! :)

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    Re: [Please help] Combined intermediate micro+macro course

    This looks like basic undergrad intermediate economics. The quantitative background required probably only extends itself to being able to do elementary differentiation, and taking FOCs, at best, judging from the course outline.

    You'll need advanced micro/macro to help in admissions, not this. Advanced macro deals with value functions and dynamic programming. Advanced micro deals with constrained optimisation (kuhn-tucker), and maybe even some game theory.

    What other courses do you have in mind, in place of this one? Also, it helps to post your full profile to help us identify potential deficiencies.

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