Undergrad: US Top 10 (Triple Major in Econ, Math, Stats)
GPA: 3.98/4.00
GRE: 169 Q, 160 V, 5.5 AW

Grad Courses: none

Math/Stats Courses:
Real Analysis I,II,III (A,A,A), Probability I,II,III (A,A,A),
Intro Proofs (A), Optimization (A), Linear Algebra (A), Abstract Linear Algebra (A)
Multivar Calc I,II (A,A), Diff Eq (A), Intro Stats (A),
Mathematical Stats II,III (A,A), Survey Sampling (A),
Machine Learning (A), Multivariate Analysis (A), Stochastic Simulation (A)

Econ Courses:
Micro I,II,III (A,A,A-), Game Theory I,II (A,A),
Macro I,II (A,A), Adv. Macro (A-),
Applied Metrics I,II (A,A), Metrics Theory I,II (A,A),
Analytical Methods (A), Corp Finance (A), Health (A), I.O. (A),
Thesis Seminar I,II (A,A)

Other Courses:
Intro Algorithms (A), Intro C++ (A), Intro Python I,II (A,A), Intro Racket (A)

Research Experience:

  • Full-time RA at top 5
  • Honors thesis (won award; advisor thinks it’s publishable)
  • Undergrad RA for applied micro faculty (also my thesis advisor)
  • Undergrad RA for theorist
  • Two other irrelevant summer RA jobs

Teaching Experience: none

Rec Letters

  • PI from full-time RA job (well-known; they said it was strong)
  • Primary thesis advisor (well-known; probably my best letter)
  • “Unofficial” thesis advisor / prof from metrics theory course (junior, but strong letter)

SOP: Typical cover letter. Did not customize by school.

Accepted: Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley, Yale, Chicago, Northwestern, Columbia, Penn
Waitlisted: MIT (rejected)
Rejected: Harvard + B-school programs

Comments: Urch is great overall, but it’s a good idea to cross-check opinions here with other sources, especially with your faculty advisors. They are in the best position to give you advice that’s specific to your situation. Talk with multiple faculty members just in case someone gives you idiosyncratic advice.