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Thread: Profiles and Results 2019

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    Re: Profiles and Results 2019

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    Undergrad: US Top 10 (Triple Major in Econ, Math, Stats)
    GPA: 3.98/4.00
    GRE: 169 Q, 160 V, 5.5 AW

    Grad Courses: none

    Math/Stats Courses:
    Real Analysis I,II,III (A,A,A), Probability I,II,III (A,A,A),
    Intro Proofs (A), Optimization (A), Linear Algebra (A), Abstract Linear Algebra (A)
    Multivar Calc I,II (A,A), Diff Eq (A), Intro Stats (A),
    Mathematical Stats II,III (A,A), Survey Sampling (A),
    Machine Learning (A), Multivariate Analysis (A), Stochastic Simulation (A)

    Econ Courses:
    Micro I,II,III (A,A,A-), Game Theory I,II (A,A),
    Macro I,II (A,A), Adv. Macro (A-),
    Applied Metrics I,II (A,A), Metrics Theory I,II (A,A),
    Analytical Methods (A), Corp Finance (A), Health (A), I.O. (A),
    Thesis Seminar I,II (A,A)

    Other Courses:
    Intro Algorithms (A), Intro C++ (A), Intro Python I,II (A,A), Intro Racket (A)

    Research Experience:

    • Full-time RA at top 5
    • Honors thesis (won award; advisor thinks itís publishable)
    • Undergrad RA for applied micro faculty (also my thesis advisor)
    • Undergrad RA for theorist
    • Two other irrelevant summer RA jobs

    Teaching Experience: none

    Rec Letters

    • PI from full-time RA job (well-known; they said it was strong)
    • Primary thesis advisor (well-known; probably my best letter)
    • ďUnofficialĒ thesis advisor / prof from metrics theory course (junior, but strong letter)

    SOP: Typical cover letter. Did not customize by school.

    Accepted: Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley, Yale, Chicago, Northwestern, Columbia, Penn
    Waitlisted: MIT (rejected)
    Rejected: Harvard + B-school programs

    Comments: Urch is great overall, but itís a good idea to cross-check opinions here with other sources, especially with your faculty advisors. They are in the best position to give you advice thatís specific to your situation. Talk with multiple faculty members just in case someone gives you idiosyncratic advice.

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    Re: Profiles and Results 2019

    Type of Undergrad:
    US Top 70 Econ Dept.
    Undergrad GPA: 3.4
    Type of Grad: MS Econ: US Top 15 Econ Dept.
    Grad GPA: 3.5
    GRE: 166Q, 163V, 5.0W
    Math Courses: Calc I-III, Linear Algebra, Intro to Proofs, Analysis I (grad), Math for Econ (grad)
    Econ Courses: Grad: Micro Theory I-II, Macro Theory I, Econometric Theory I-III, Int. Political Econ
    Other Courses: Grad: Formal Models (PhD), Political Inequality (PhD),
    Letters of Recommendation: 3 faculty from graduate school, all well known. RA for one. Took a class with another who was also my thesis supervisor. Took a PhD class with the third.
    Research Experience: Writing a paper with two economist colleagues and submitted it as part of my application. Graduate RA student for a semester. Undergraduate RA for 1.25 years.
    Work Experience: 3 years in industry. 1.5 years as an RA at an international organization
    Teaching Experience:
    Research Interests:
    Political Econ / Macro and Public Econ
    SOP: Stated my interests, explained my qualifications and highlighted my research experience. Slightly modified for each school. Made sure it was cogent and well written.
    Other: The bad: average grades. The good: The paper Iím writing was already accepted to conferences. Pretty strong programming background.
    Georgetown, UC-Irvine, UT-Austin (off-waitlist), UVA (off-waitlist)
    Rejections: Maryland (off-waitlist), BU, BC, UCSD, UWash-Seattle, JHU, CMU, UCDavis, UCSB, NYU-Stern, UCLA-Anderson, Chicago-Booth, USC
    Comments: Excited about Georgetown. I only applied to schools in/near large cities, so my partner could find a job. My list would probably have looked differently otherwise.

    What would you have done differently?
    I made sure to get into a masterís program that would give me the option of pursuing a PhD afterwards if I wanted to. Most of my decisions after starting my MS such as what classes to take, when to take the GRE, where to work, when to start a paper etc., were done with the goal of strengthening some part of my application. So plan ahead, but donít stress too much. It doesnít take a perfect application to get into a good program. Also, apply widely, itís a crapshoot. Good luck.

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    Re: Profiles and Results 2019


    Type of Undergrad: B.A. in Mathematics & B.A. in Economics (with high honors) from a top 15 US College.

    Undergrad GPA: 3.83

    GRE: 162(V), 170 (Q), 4(W)

    Math Courses:
    Linear Algebra (A-), Multivariable Calculus (A-), Differential Equations (A), Real Analysis (B+), Applicable Algebra (B+), High-level Linear Algebra (B+), Statistics and Probability (A), Graduate Probability Theory (A-)

    Econ Courses:
    Intro to micro (A+), Intro to macro (A-), Intermediate micro (A), Intermediate macro (A-), Econometrics (B+), Behavioral econ (A-), Development econ (A), Money & credit (A-), Intertemporal econ (A-), Seminar and macro and financial stability (A), Game theory (A-), Graduate Micro (Satisfactory), Honors program (A+)

    Letters of Recommendation:
    My thesis advisor (senior lecturer in econ department), RA professor (professor of economics in business school), work supervisor (has PhD in math)

    Research Experience:
    1. Worked as a research analyst for two years at an economic consulting firm after graduation.
    2. Completed an undergraduate honors thesis in economics and won an award.
    3. Worked as summer research assistant in my sophomore year for two months.

    Teaching Experience:
    None, but worked as an economics tutor for 2 years at undergraduate institution.

    Research Interests:
    Role of private sector in development, labor economics, education.

    Acceptances: None of the economics programs I applied to in 2019.
    Waitlists: Wharton Applied Micro.
    Rejections: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT (Econ + Sloan labor track), Stanford (Econ + business school), UPenn Econ, Columbia (Econ + business school)
    Attending: I worked for another year and got into the PhD in Strategy program at Harvard Business School in 2020.
    Comments: I didn't expect getting into HBS after being rejected by the top Econ programs a year ago, but I'm glad that I remained flexible and continued to learn and improve myself.

    What would you have done differently?
    1. Do better in the math courses and econometric courses and gain solid understanding of fundamental concepts and methodology.
    2. Explore wider range of research interest at undergraduate level and gain research experiences in areas that interest me most.

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