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Thread: Numerical Analysis vs. Complex Analysis

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    Re: Numerical Analysis vs. Complex Analysis

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    Dogbones, it is certainly good that you are planning ahead. But you're going to learn a lot in the next couple of years about your strengths and preferences. Maybe you will excel at math and want to take more to present background to do theory as a strength. Or maybe you'll fall in love with the applied side and want to concentrate on that. So keep an open mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by dogbones View Post
    I know how important writing proofs is for higher level economic research!
    Writing proofs is of little or no importance for 90% of higher level economic research. It is important for learning underlying material in graduate school.

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    Re: Numerical Analysis vs. Complex Analysis

    I really do appreciate your advice, startz! Thank you for your 2 cents, it is invaluable feedback. I've always loved math and hope to learn enough before I start the program to excel in it academically. With all the plethora of books, including the Kindle versions, on various topics exploding into the market these days, I feel like I can do well and get a handle on being where I need to be.

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