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Thread: guide for small LAC folks

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    guide for small LAC folks

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    So I've been working on what's turned into a pretty lengthy document I'm calling "Guide to Getting into a PhD Economics Program from ________ University", to leave with the econ department of my small, lower-ranked liberal arts school. It grew out of advice I was trying to give to an underclassman: I started thinking about all the things I wished I'd known before starting on this process, all the things I've learned from professors (very limited), admissions committee members (little more), current PhD students during visits (decent amount), and online (a huge amount).

    I know other people have had similar experiences -- if you come from a small LAC, especially one that's not particularly rigorous (like mine), it can be hard to know what to do to maximize your chances of getting an offer and there often isn't anyone around who knows anything about the process. My hope is this document I made is going to get passed on and updated at my school, and help kids who are in my position.

    I was thinking about rewriting it as a generic guide for students from small LACs and especially not well known regional LACs. I have a few questions to this end: Do people think that's a good idea, and would be helpful on a site like this? Are there people that would be interested in adding to it, if I posted a draft? And, if there are any mods around, would you be open to making this a sticky so it's easy to find for people like me?

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    Re: guide for small LAC folks

    that would be great! I'd be v interested in that fosho

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    Re: guide for small LAC folks

    Quote Originally Posted by notjeremyboga View Post
    that would be great! I'd be v interested in that fosho
    I would be very interested also. Sounds like a great idea for all those attending smaller schools.

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