Hello! New user here. I'm an applicant from the USA who wants to pursue a masters in economics before (likely) pursuing a PhD in economics after completion. I don't have an undergraduate background in economics (information tech), and therefore I saw a masters as a good intermediary step.

I was accepted to Boston University's MA in economics and Barcelona GSE's masters in economics. These are both my top two choices in schools.

My strategy is to complete either program to the best of my ability, then pursue a research related position in back in the US. Based off of both websites, either schools has decent placement in both academic and non-academic areas.

Here are my pros and cons for both:

Pros: Cheaper, depth and breadth of courses
Cons: Not close to any major cities

Pros: Reputation of US uni, located in a major US city
Cons: Price, course options are fairly standard and dry

Where I received most placement information:
Alumni Career Paths: Economics | Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
Outcomes Your masterís degree comes with a side of the world | Economics

BU isn't as transparent, however their welcome webinar provided some clue as to how well they place at least in the private sector.

BGSE's website puts a favorable light on their program, but there is some bias obviously on how well they rate themselves.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!