Type of Undergrad: BComm in Accounting in a good Indian university
Undergrad GPA: 75%
First Grad : MSc Economics - UK Uni - One of the top Euro master`s program.
It is ranked around top 25-30 worldwide according to Tilburg and Repec rankings.
Grad GPA: 76% - First Class
Second Grad: MSc Applied Math - 2 years course - top 20 world - UK University
Grad II GPA -
71% - First Class
GRE: 154V/166Q/ AWA 4.5

Math & Stat Courses:
Undergrad: Calculus & Real Analysis 1&2 (Both A), Linear Algebra (A), Ordinary Differential Eq. (A), Partial Differential Equations (A), Stochastic Processes (A),
Optimization (A), Complex Analysis (A), Stochastic Analysis (A-), Topology (A), Dynamic Stochastic Control (A), Measure Theory (A), Functional Analysis I (A-).

Econ Courses:
Graduate: Game Theory (A), Advanced Microeconomics (A+), Advanced Macroeconomics (A+), Advanced Econometrics (A+), Economics of Financial Markets (C), Topics in Public Finance (A+),
PhD Level Metrics (A).

Research Experience: None.

LORs : One from head of the econ dept - Knows me very well - strong letter; One from a famous researcher in econometrics from top 15 US - taught me MSc and PhD level metrics - strong letter; Another from my statistics professor - knows me well - strong letter.

Interests: Empirical Macroeconomics, Time Series Econometrics.

Students from my uni have gone to UCLA, UBC, UofT, Stanford, NYU, Minnesota, Cornell PhDs.

What are my chances with Top 20 US? I am worried about the C in economics in financial markets. I feel that was just a prof who is very harsh with evaluation. I was really surprised that it happened. Are my GRE scores ok? Anything I can do to improve my chances?