I'm one year out of undergrad and just starting to think about preparing to apply for PhD programs. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed already and was hoping to describe some of my goals here to get some feedback on where I currently stand vs. where I should be. Although I'm sure it will be clear as you read, I don't know a lot about these programs/how everything works. Apologies in advance.

I got my BA in econ from a private liberal arts school. Not a big name school by any means. 3.7 GPA. No math focus beyond what was required for an econ degree (business stats, calc i & ii). I haven't yet taken the GRE so no scores to report there. I had very close relationships with my econ professors but again, they're not huge names in the field.

I have two main concerns. The first is easiest to address since I can't really do anything about it...a lot of people's backgrounds on here seem to be from high-profile undergrad schools. Will my no-name degree hurt?
The second has to do with my minimal math courses. Should I take math courses at a local university to round myself out? Try to get a masters first (a problem arising from this approach would be what to go for, I likely wouldn't get into a math program with such a limited background).

I do just want to note that I am obviously not trying to apply to places like Harvard. My career path doesn't include winning a nobel prize. I love research and data and this seems like the appropriate path to pursue. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thank you all so much!