Hello everyone,

I currently am planning to apply to pre-doctoral fellowships and RA'ships at the Fed to improve my application. However, I have been thinking lately that it may make sense to apply now since if I got into a good program I would rather start my PhD in this cycle. I am curious of what range of schools I would get into now. Thanks!


Type of Undergrad:
Top 50 US News Economics and Top 25 US News Math

Economics (BA), Mathematics (BA) and Computer Science (BA)

Undergrad GPA:
Overall: 3.98 | Economics: 4.00 | Math: 4.00

Type of Grad: N/A

Grad GPA: N/A

Haven't taken yet, but, pretty sure I could do well based on prior standardized tests
Math Courses: Calc 1 - 4, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Intro Proof Writing, Real Analysis I, Quantum Theory, Advanced Real Analysis, Statistical Theory, Stochastic Theory

Econ Courses:
Intermediate Micro/Macro and Metrics, Advanced Micro Theory, Field Course on Banking Structure, PhD Labor Economics, PhD Cross Sectional Metrics, PhD Time Series Metrics, Honors Thesis I and II

Research Experience
1) Was an RA at the Fed for a year, referenced as an RA, though not an author, on working paper.
2) Spent a year as an RA in Engineering research, not sure if relevant but it was statistics/machine learning focused
3) Will have my senior thesis as more experience

Letters of Rec
1) Fed Economist, very well established though PhD is in Finance
2) From very well established Economist who taught my PhD labor course though I've only taken one course with this Economist
3) From Thesis Adviser who came from Top 10 school

Teaching Experience: None

Research Interests:
Labor Econ

SOP: Not written

Other: Internship at a top US Bank, probably not relevant

1) What is my biggest weakness now?
2) Where would I likely get in if I applied now?
3) How is my profile for getting into top pre-doc positions?