Hi All,

Wanted to share a profile evaluation - not sure how much luck I'll have.

Undergraduate/Postgraduate: BSs/MSc Economics UK (Manchester)

GPA: 2:1 undergraduate but First Class in Postgraduate MSc (maybe equivalent to a 3.7-4.0 GPA)

Economics Courses:
Mathematical Economics, statistics, intro micro/macro, intermediate micro/macro, econometrics 1-2, thesis. MSc modules, micro, macro, econometrics.
Math Courses: Didn't take any courses in the Math department but have been through approximately equivalent of Calc1-3, Linear Algebra, and Probability courses. No Real Analysis.
Research experience:None. The closest thing are my undergraduate/postgraduate theses I wrote.
Letters of Recommendation:My thesis advisor (Professor) and Micro theory lecturer (Professor). First one is probably good but the other I simply got a good mark in the module and didn't really interact much with them.
Concerns: A lot: lack of formal math classes, lack of formal RA experience. However, my grades were good throughout (maybe top 3% in the year).

I'm just wondering if I were to sit the GRE and get a good score, do I have any chance at the US for funded PhD programmes? If so, what sort of level? Otherwise, I know with reasonable certainty I can get offers from universities outside the Top 5 in the UK.