Hi all! I plan on applying for a PhD in Econ this Dec for entry in next Fall (2020). I was hoping to get some feedback on my profile from you all - thanks in advance for your help.

Current Role: Full-time RA on a randomised control trial in a developing country

Type of Undergrad:
BSc (honors) in Economics from top university in country

Undergrad GPA: Overall 3.87, Econ same as overall

Type of Grad: Masters in Economics from LSE

Grad GPA: Pass

GRE: 168Q,161V, 5W

Math courses: Calculus I (A), Calculus II (A), Multivariate Calculus (A-), Linear Algebra (B+), Probability (A-), Mechanics (A), Operations Research (A)
Enrolled in Real Analysis and Ordinary Differential Equations in Fall 2019 (will have mid-term grade at time of applications) --> taking these 2 courses whilst working full-time

Econ: Micro-I (A), Macro-I (A), Statistics and Data Analysis (A), Intermediate Macro (A-), Mathematical Applications in Economics (A), Game Theory (A), International Political Economy (A), Econometrics (A-), Intermediate Micro (A-), Empirical Macro (A), Monetary Theory and Policy (A), International Trade (A+), Public Economics (A), Advanced Micro (A+), Advanced Macro (A), Industrial Organisation (B+), International Finance (A) --> Almost all As

Other Courses: Intro Computer Science, some Poli Sci stuff, and some psychology courses

Recommendations: I think I will get 3 good ones (2 from where I currently RA and 1 from undergrad)

Research Experience: Working as a full-time RA with PIs from Harvard, Princeton, & Cambridge (these are there terminal unis); working on 2 academic papers as part of my job

Research Interests: Labor economics & Public economics

Concerns: Don't have an amazing Masters degree (not sure how that much will cost me given I will have 1 yr and 7 months full time research experience in Dec 2019 when I submit apps)

Other: Was awarded full scholarship for my masters at LSE;

Applying to: Plan to apply to around 20 US unis. (4 from top 10; 5 from top10-20; 6 from top20-50; 5 remaining)