Hello everyone. I want to apply for fed RA Positions. Is it a good or bad idea to apply to all 12 banks plus the board? Should I be more selective than that?

Here is my profile:

Big State School (Satellite Campus)
Major: Econ
Minor: Math
GPA: 3.96
Major GPA: 4.00

Calc I-III (B+/A/taking this fall), Linear Algebra (A), Numerical Analysis (A), Grad Course Called Math for Econ (taking this fall), Probability and Stats (A), Econometrics (A), Grad Econometrics (taking this spring), Proof writing course (this fall), Intermediate Micro/Macro (A/A), Topics in Micro-Game Theory (A), Graduate Monetary Economics (this fall), elementary differential eq (this fall)

Research Experiences:

2019 Undergraduate Research Fellow at a Top 10 Econ Department
Research with Professor at My Own Institution
Independent Research for a federal program I am in
Will Write a Senior Thesis


R, Stata, Python, Latex

Intern in Wealth Management at Bulge Bracket
Fed Challenge Participant