Hello everyone,

Please give your thinking and suggestions.

Type of Undergrad: Not a top school from mainland of China; BS of finance
GPA of Undergrad: 3.75/4
Type of Grad: Top 50 national university(U.S news); Major in economics(master degree)
GPA of Grad:3.72/4
Econ Courses: Intermediate Mirco/Macro(A); Economic Statistics(A-); Intro to Game theory(A, grad level); Econometrics(B,grad level); Time Series Analysis in Econ(A-); Microeconomic Theory I (A; phd level); Microeconomic Theory II(B, phd level)
Industrial Organization(A- ; grad level)
Math courses: Elementary Real Analysis(A+); Linear algebra(A); Calculus I, II(A+); Differential Equations(A); Probability Theory(A)
Research Experience: Half year research experience with an assistant professor of finance; 2 summer research experiences with a professor of economics and an assistant professor of finance ( All research in Econ topic)
GRE: 156V/170Q/3AW
LOR: Two letter from a professor and 2 letters from assistant professor.

I am trying to apply for phd in Econ.

Right now, I don't know whether I could get strong letters and I graduated in May this year. What should I do now to improve myself? What kind of school(ranking) should I try to apply for? Please leave your suggestions and I am looking forward to hearing from you.