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Thread: PhD in economics with Math major

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    PhD in economics with Math major

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    I have a Math major in one of the best Latin American universities and I'm interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in economics at a top university (like top 100), but I have only taken a few courses in economics (with high grades in them). I have research experience in Math and my GPA is 4.2/5.0.

    Do you think that I can get accepted (with financial aid) in a top Ph.D. economics program?

    Or should I get a Masters in economics first?


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    Re: PhD in economics with Math major

    Most Latin American students do get a master's first. One reason is to find out if you like economics!

    However, you can almost certainly get into an econ PhD program with your current credentials. You would probably get into a better program with a master's.

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