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Thread: Econ PhD Profile evaluation for international student

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    Econ PhD Profile evaluation for international student

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    I am applying for Fall 2020 and would really appreciate any advice.
    Thank you in advance!

    Type of Undergrad: One of top 10 institutions in Korea/Major: Economics Minor: Math

    Type of Grad: Enrolling in 1st semester for master's degree in the same institution/Major:economics

    Undergrad GPA: 3.85/4.0 (Summa cum laude)

    Gre: 170Q/166V/4.0AWA
    TOEFL: 116

    Math Courses: Calculus 1(B-), Calculus 2(A-), Multivariate Calculus(A), Introduction to Analysis 1(A+), Numerical Analysis(A+), Mathematical Statistics 1(A+), Linear Algebra 1(A), Differential Equations(A)
    Undergrad Econ Courses: I took a lot of courses and got A+ on all of them except for Macroeconomics(B+)
    Grad Courses: Macroeconomics(A-)
    Others: Introduction to statistics1,2(A+,B+), few computer programming courses
    Currently taking: Grad Econometrics, Grad Public Finance, Linear Algebra 2, Mathematical Statistics 2

    Letters of Recommendation: One from advisor for my undergrad research, one from a professor whose class I will be tutoring for and one from a professor in statistics department/subject to change

    Research Experience: One undergraduate research- I was funded to carry out my research by my institution but it wasn't published.
    Teaching Experience: Tutoring for undergrad Applied econometrics class this semester
    Field of interest: Applied econometrics/health economics
    1. I am planning to apply to top 20~40. Do I have a chance of being accepted?
    2. Where should I aim?
    3. Is there any advice to improve my profile??

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    Re: Econ PhD Profile evaluation for international student

    I dont think many users here have experience with the Korean schools; so my advise is to speak with your letter writers & ask them specific strategies that will fit your situation. You should also look which universities your peers (with similar profiles as you) ended up at. One thing many people can attest here is that, if you have a chance to take a PhD level course in Econ, that will be really helpful! But don’t take it unless you are sure that you can get a 4.0 in it. Hope that helps.

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    Re: Econ PhD Profile evaluation for international student

    Like the other poster said, we ask international students to rely on their advisers, rather than this forum. We do not have enough posters experienced with non-U.S. profiles.

    With that said, my attempt at answering those questions:

    1. Yes, this seems to be a strong profile for the #20-#40 range. You may even adjust it higher, depending on whether your advisers recommend it.

    2. Most of the #20-#40 programs are well-represented in applied econometrics and empirical micro. There are a few exceptions like Minnesota, Rochester, CMU and PSU, which are known for a heavier focus on theory.

    3. Talk to your advisers frequently and try to continue the undergrad-research you worked on. Look for any faculty who recently received a PhD in economics from a top US university; they may be able to give you good advice, or even write the 3rd letter for you.

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