I am applying for Fall 2020 and would really appreciate any advice.
Thank you in advance!

Type of Undergrad: One of top 10 institutions in Korea/Major: Economics Minor: Math

Type of Grad: Enrolling in 1st semester for master's degree in the same institution/Major:economics

Undergrad GPA: 3.85/4.0 (Summa cum laude)

Gre: 170Q/166V/4.0AWA
TOEFL: 116

Math Courses: Calculus 1(B-), Calculus 2(A-), Multivariate Calculus(A), Introduction to Analysis 1(A+), Numerical Analysis(A+), Mathematical Statistics 1(A+), Linear Algebra 1(A), Differential Equations(A)
Undergrad Econ Courses: I took a lot of courses and got A+ on all of them except for Macroeconomics(B+)
Grad Courses: Macroeconomics(A-)
Others: Introduction to statistics1,2(A+,B+), few computer programming courses
Currently taking: Grad Econometrics, Grad Public Finance, Linear Algebra 2, Mathematical Statistics 2

Letters of Recommendation: One from advisor for my undergrad research, one from a professor whose class I will be tutoring for and one from a professor in statistics department/subject to change

Research Experience: One undergraduate research- I was funded to carry out my research by my institution but it wasn't published.
Teaching Experience: Tutoring for undergrad Applied econometrics class this semester
Field of interest: Applied econometrics/health economics
1. I am planning to apply to top 20~40. Do I have a chance of being accepted?
2. Where should I aim?
3. Is there any advice to improve my profile??