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Thread: Funding at California Schools - Nonresidents

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    Funding at California Schools - Nonresidents

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    I've been looking at the websites for UC Davis, UCSB, UCSD, and other UC schools, and I'm quite confused about funding. I am a US citizen and resident of another state. I understand that I should be going through the process to apply for California residency.

    I understand this may differ from school to school, but for example, for UC Davis & UCSB, am I correct that TAships just cover resident tuition (or do they cover non-resident fees) and provide stipend? At UC Davis, can you get both a Non-Resident Tuition Fellowship (to offset the cost of the non-resident fee) and a TAship?

    Obviously I'll be reaching out to the financial aid departments at whatever institutions I apply to, but information from students who have attended would be quite helpful.

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    Re: Funding at California Schools - Nonresidents

    It is very difficult to become a California resident for tuition purposes until you have lived there for a year. After the first year of graduate school normally all American citizens become California residents for tuition purposes.

    At UCSB, TAships cover only resident tuition. I believe this is true at other UCs as well.

    At UCSB, the economics department generally covers the non-resident fee as part of the recruiting package.

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    Re: Funding at California Schools - Nonresidents

    My experience (25 years ago) was that you apply for CA residency after the end of your first year. Nothing to do now, other than apply and see what offers you get. I wouldn't make your application decisions based on this aspect. Focus on schools that are a good match for your research interests and see what aid packages you are offered.

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