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    Profile Evaluation

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    Hey everyone! Trying to figure out how many top 10's, top 20's, and top 30's to apply to. Limited to about 13-16 applications due to budget constraints. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    Type of Undergrad: School ranked in 50's by US News
    Undergrad GPA: 3.87/4.00
    Type of Grad: Masters in Econ (dual degree - earning both bachelors/masters in 4 years)
    Grad GPA: Not explicitly calculated
    GRE: 169Q - 162V - 5.5W
    Math Courses: Math Stat I and II (A's in both), Multivariable Math I and II (B+ and A-), this is a proof-based combo of real analysis, vector calculus, topology, differential forms, regarded as hardest math class at university
    *Took Calc I-III at Georgia Tech in high school*
    Econ Courses: Principles of Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Intro Econometrics (A-), Intermediate Macro (A-), Econ of Education (A), PhD Micro I (A-), PhD Intro Econometrics (A), PhD Micro II (B+), currently taking PhD Macro I (currently have an A - professor is a letter writer), PhD Econometrics I, PhD Labor Econ
    Other Courses: Independent research in econ (A in two semesters)
    Research Experience: awarded university's largest & most prestigious research fellowship, awarded university's second-largest research fellowship, conducted independent research with department head for two+ years, working as an econometrics aid for seniors doing their senior theses, interned at governor's office this past summer as research intern, presented at 1 national conference
    Teaching Experience: Teaching Assistant for Honors freshman for 2 years (seminar course to help them with college development as they start in college), Graduate Teaching Assistant for undergrad econometrics and undergrad principles of micro
    Research Interests: Econ of Ed, Labor Econ, Health Econ, Econometrics

    Thanks again everyone! Let me know if I can clarify/elaborate anything.

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